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The Midweek Flamingos is an FMCA Chapter based in central West Coast of Florida that plans 6 to 8 rallies per year in the middle of the week. Membership is limited to FMCA motorhome members, however we welcome anyone to join us at any of our rallies.

We were chartered in April 1992 and have had rallies every year since. Our chapter consists of about 25 motorhome families. We camp within a 200 mile radius of the Tampa Bay area, holding our rallies starting in October and ending in May. The days we normally hold rallies are from Tuesday and ending on Friday.

Our group has a great deal of fun and are quite the cut ups. If you like to have fun, meet nice people, explore locations in Florida and you have a good sense of humor, you will probably fit right in and enjoy yourselves.

Our rallies generally but not always consist of going out to eat a few times, a covered dish dinner or breakfast, a trip or two to local points of interest, sometimes a meeting and sometimes a seminar and many times a craft for the ladies.

If you would like to join us at one of our rallies, check out the rallies page on this web site for our schedule of rallies, and contact our president, Mark Salomon (813) 240-9338; salomon.mark@gmail.com and let them know so we can give you additional info about our rallies. We also have our own private Facebook page for our members.

We always enjoy meeting new people.


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